10 juin: Séminaire du Centre Pierre Abélard

Mardi 10 juin, 18h-19h30

Troisième séance du séminaire du Centre Abélard (resp. Pasquale Porro)

Friederike Schmiga (KU-Leuven) présentera une intervention sur le thème:

Legitimacy and Limits of the studium sciendi. Henry of Ghent and the Augustinian Model”


In the fifth article of his Summa, under the title of De studio sciendi, Henry of Ghent explains why and how human beings ought to apply themselves to acquiring knowledge.As known, with the reception of the Aristotelian corpus in the thirteenth century, the idea that knowledge constitutes the object of the natural desire to know and thus the perfection of human being came to compete with the Augustinian model of human knowledge, which establishes strict rules to govern the acquisition of knowledge and subordinate it to the end of salvation. The aim of the presentation is to analyse how Henry justifies thenecessity to strive for knowledge and how he delineates legitimate from “vain” forms of knowledge acquisition. From this perspective, it will be investigated how Henry re-elaborates the Augustinian model of human knowledge in the wider context of his theological project.

Lieu: Université, Paris-Sorbonne, UFR de Philosophie, salle F042.

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