6 déc: Shaping the Brain in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Shaping the Brain in the Late Middle Ages 
and Early Modern Period


With Tanja Klemm, Sander de Boer, Danielle Jacquart and Pauline Koetschet.
Organized by Annemieke Verboon and Rafael Mandressi

The brain has, throughout history, been considered an important achievement in the creation of man, although often secondary to the soul and the heart. Our knowledge about how the brain has been conceived in the past is, however, very fractional, especially for the late Medieval and early modern periods. This conference looks to re-situate the question of knowing the brain anew in a dialogue between medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology) and natural philosophy (inter alia physics, biology and psychology).
See for a description: http://headlines.hypotheses.org/ ;

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Participation is free. Thank you for letting us now if you are coming for organizational reasons.

Where: Paris, Centre Alexandre Koyré
When: December 6th, 2014. From 10h — 17h.
Contact: Annemieke Verboon (annemieke.verboon@cnrs.fr)


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