9 fev: Séminaire “Histoire de la logique” (SPHERE)


This seminar is inspired by Graham Priest’s article ‘Can logic be revised ?’ in Penelope Rush (ed.), The Metaphysics of Logic (Cambridge University Press 2014).The seminar will study major reforms to the discipline of logic proposed by Avicenna, William Ockham, the Port-Royal logicians, and some of the German thinkers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It will focus on the goals of these reforms, and the reasoning which led to their pursuit. These logics will be treated as theoretical constructions, and accordingly we will consider not only historical questions about how and why they arose, but also systematic questions about how successful they were in advancing the understanding of their subject-matter.
Reading for the seminar will include Priest’s article, and selected historical texts.
Séminaire et cours donnés par Pr Paul THOM (The University of Sydney).

Séances de 10 :00 à 12 :30 le lundi en salle Rothko (412B).
Bâtiment Condorcet, Université Paris Diderot, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 – Paris


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