23-24 septembre – Journée d’études “Conscience and Dissent in Late Middle Ages”

Conscience and Dissent in Late Middle Ages

Organized by Kantik Ghosh and Christophe Grellard

Sorbonne, salle Gaston Paris, EPHE, esc. E, 1er étage

Thursday 23th September

14h – Welcome and Introductory remarks
14h30-17h30 – K. Ghosh (Trinity College, Oxford): « Conscience and dissent : Wyclif and followers ».
Respondent: E. Corran (UCL).

General discussion.

Friday 24th September

9h30-12h30 – K. Ghosh: « Conscience and Authority : Holcot and Reginald Pecock ».
Respondent : P. Bermon (CNRS, LEM / PSL).General discussion.

14h30-17h : Round-table « Further perspectives on conscience and dissent in Late Middle Ages » with M. Brinzei (CNRS, IRHT), M. Bose (Christ Church, Oxford), I. Iribarren (Strasbourg), U. Zahnd (Genève), N. Zeeman (King’s College, Cambridge).

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