28-29 Juin – Journée d’études – “Revisiting Medieval Dialectics”

Journée d’études

Revisiting Medieval Dialectics

org. J. Brumberg-Chaumont (CNRS, LEM/EPHE-PSL) et G. F. Walker (University of Gothenburg)

28-29 Juin 2022 – EPHE Sorbonne – salle Gaston Paris (esc. E, étage 1, D064)


Tuesday 28th June, morning

9:30-10:45 Laura Castelli (Munich) : Alexander of Aphrodisias and Aristotle’s Topics

Discussion by Zoe McConaughey (Gothenburg/Lille)

11:00-12:15 Barbara Bartocci (Geneva) : Latin medieval dialectics – dialectica docens

Discussion by Joël Biard (Tours, emeritus)

Tuesday 28th June, afternoon

14:15-15:30 Julie Brumberg-Chaumont (PSL/CNRS/LEM) : Disputational theories and practices during the 13th century

Discussion by Rodrigo Guerizoli (Rio de Janeiro)

15:45-17:00 Gustavo Fernández Walker (Gothenburg) : Dialectical premisses, problems and the Medieval quaestio-form

Discussion by Julie Brumberg-Chaumont (PSL/CNRS/LEM)

Wednesday 29th June, morning

9:30-10:45 Ana María Mora-Márquez (Gothenburg) : The Accident as Predicable: The Metaphysics of Argumentation

Discussion by Charles Girard (Geneva)

11:00-12:15 Rodrigo Guerizoli (Rio de Janeiro) : Quidditative and Causal Definitions in John Buridan

Discussion by Gustavo Fernández Walker (Gothenburg)

Wednesday 29th June, afternoon

14:15-15:30 Alexander Lamprakis (Würzburg) : Aristotle’s Topics in the Arabic tradition

Discussion by Seyed Mousavian (Chicago)

15:45-17:00 Yehuda Halper (Ramat Gan) : The Hebrew tradition of Aristotelian dialectics

Discussion by Alexander Lamprakis (Würzburg)




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