12-14 février 2024 – Colloque “New Social Perspectives in Medieval Philosophy”

Colloque International

New Social Perspectives in Medieval Philosophy

org. A.M. Mora Marquez (Univ. Göteborg/SPHERE UMR 7219) et J. Pelletier (Univ. Göteborg)

12-14 février 2024 – Université Paris-Cité – Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges (8 rue Albert Einstein 75013 Paris) – salle 569 changement 14/02 : bâtiment Condorcet (4, rue Elsa Morante), salle 646

Programme :

12 février :

9h15 : Christian Rode: Social Contracts before Hobbes and Locke?

10h30 : Claudia Appolloni: Language and Society in the Late Middle Ages

11h15 : Ziang Chen & Alexander Stöpfgeshoff: Economics Reconsidered: Usury and Monetary Value in Gerald Odonis and John Buridan

13h45 : Thomas Harb: Christine de Pizan on How Many Make One

15h : Peter King (online): Christine de Pizan on Women’s Solidarity as a Political Force

Simona Vucu (online): Catherine of Siena on Sociality and Virtues

13 février :

10h30 : Ritva Palmen: Philosophy of Emotions and the Idea of Social Distance in the Middle Ages

11h15 : Christophe Grellard: Buridan on the Formation of Social Authority

14h : Matthew Siebert: Can Knowledge be Social? Shared Cognition and Shared Science in Aquinas

15h15 : Sophie Serra: Occasio dubitandi. Expressions of Trust and Distrust among Latin Medieval Astronomers (13th-15th c.)

16h : Sarah Byers (online): Aquinas’ Synderesis as Stoic Rational Oikeiōsis: A Natural Community of Knowledge

14 février :

9h15 : Julie Brumberg-Chaumont: What is Social in a Social History of Logic?

10h30 : Jacob Andrews: Believing Babies and Virtuous Singing: William of Auxerre’s Social Philosophy of Religion

11h15 : Jörg Alejandro Tellkamp: Moral Epistemology in the Face of War in 16th Century Spanish Scholasticism

14h : Philip Choi: Living Well with Ignorance in a Society


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